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In 2003, a retired NYC Judge was fed up with how big banks (like CitiBank) and the National Arbitration Forum were steamrolling over people who were just not able – or willing – to make their credit card payments.  So he decided to do something about it.  He set up his own independent arbitration company and began fighting them.  To cut a long and interesting story short, they sued him almost into bankruptcy.  Their pockets were a LOT deeper than his.

After he passed away, we took up the fight. And fight we did.  But again, they had the edge over us by a long shot.  Not only did they have more resources, their interlocking directorates with the N.A.F. made sure they won the majority of the time and majority of the cases.  But in 2009, Lori Swanson, the Attorney General of the State of Minnesota, stopped them dead in their tracks.  They agreed to stop accepting credit card arbitration cases.  Since then, things have gotten better for those in credit card debt.

We continued “fighting” the many creditors in court – but still only managed to win about 30% of the cases.  While our arguments had weight and were very real, the one person in each case we could rarely convince was the judge.  Try as we may, he or she usually sided with the bank.  So we began examining our approach.

It was then we decided to stop fighting and try learning.  Which we did.  We learned how the banks operate.  We learned their tricks and their methods.  Since then we’ve built an entirely unique approach to debt relief and IT WORKS.

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