Considering Bankruptcy

It happens every day.  A couple argues over their credit card debt and they begin considering bankruptcy.  They were told by a bankruptcy attorney that they had no other choice.  They lacked honest bankruptcy information.  That was an attorney selling his product.  The reality is, they do have an option. Introducing the intelligent bankruptcy alternative – the Consumer Defense Corporation’s Walk Away program.

This debt management program isn’t merely debt relief.  It is payment relief.  Unlike debt settlement that may not solve debt problems, this is a program that doesn’t consolidate debt or provide a payment plan.  This program solves debt problems by blocking creditors’ ability to force debt payments.

Proven to work effectively since 2003, the Walk Away Club program covers consumer debt – principally unsecured credit card debt. Credit cards are seductive.  It is easy to get in over your head with credit card debt.  This is a way to get out of debt, to avoid bankruptcy, to not face your creditors and become debt free.

Take a look at the Statute of Limitations for your state below, then give us a call.

Statute of Limitations - Credit Card Debt - States - Sheet1(1)

(Note: These Statute of Limitations are presumed correct. Please verify these numbers with the appropriate authoritative bodies. Accuracy is suggested only, no warranties are expressed or implied.)

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