Four questions about getting out of debt

Can you legally eliminate debt?

Only by paying it off. Companies selling programs promising to legally eliminate your debt will use confrontational approaches in the courts to challenge the validity of credit cards and the extension of credit. The hole in these systems, no matter how good they sound and how logical they may appear is that there will always be that one individual – the judge – over whom no one has control.

I see ads saying I can “get out of debt”. Are they legitimate?

There are many competent debt counselors who can assist you in making and living within budgets. Some of these programs may take several years and confine you to tight budgets. It may be a good solution for some.

How can I keep from overspending?

Credit cards come with very high interest rates and are very seductive. It is easy to overspend with them. We recommend using Debit Cards which require you to have the money on hand in the bank and do not charge interest fees.

My attorney has told me I have to file bankruptcy. Is there some way I can get around it?

Attorneys have a product to sell. It’s called bankruptcy. There are programs available that work very well that eventually lead to your ridding yourself of unsecured debt. Some allow you to stop making payments completely so you still have the money to pay your mortgage, car, and living expenses. Bankruptcy is your choice of last resort.

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